Tennis at Newlands LTC, Glasgow

Newlands is one of the most vibrant clubs in the west of Scotland, and has 5 Ladies and Gents Tennis Teams and over 8 Junior Teams. Ladies, Gents and Juniors Teams strive to win their leagues each year and within the Club we have annual Club Championships and monthly social and American tournaments.

The addition of our indoor facility of 4 tennis courts which are open from 9am until 10pm 7 days per week, means that we are in a unique position of being able to offer all year round play.

We have viewing areas with seating for Indoor Tennis.

Our reputation and facilities mean that we host a number of National competitions.

Coaching & Development

Tennis coaching is available to our members, from new juniors trying out tennis for the first time to senior members wishing to improve their techniques. We have resident coaches who operate group and individual programmes designed to fit all levels and specific requirements.

Our Tennis coaches Caitlin Steel, Jennifer Steel, Emma Gibson and Peter Robinson all have a have a wealth of experience of playing and coaching and are available for private lessons.

Caitlin Steel (Lead Coach) 07805 523717 20/hr
Jennifer Steel (Lead Coach) 07931 500191 20/hr
Emma Gibson (Assistant Coach) 07814 396534 15/hr
Peter Robinson (Assistant Coach) 07922 862700 15/hr

Contact us to arrange an individual lesson and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Online Court Bookings

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